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5 tips we have found that make life better on the Trail.

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

1.) Water: Some might think this is common and a duh moment, but you would be surprised on how many people don't travel with water. You can take a minimal approach to carrying water or you can load up for added weight for training, but don't forget H2O.

2.) Backpack/Fanny Pack: Some would say you don't need this item, and they may be right but it is nice to have one with you just in case. Imagine, you are traveling along and you are tired and want to free up your hands to scale down a rock. I learned my lesson as a kid when I saw my Meme (grandma) try to climb down a steep grade with arms full of various items. Luckily, had the good sense to toss her stuff at the last minute so that only her belongings went tumbling down the hill. So, just think about it next time you go out.

3.)Sunscreen: You might be thinking really this guy is over preparing, but just because there is shade from trees doesn't mean the sun won't find its way in somehow. If you want the burn that's okay, but we have found sometimes going out multiple days and getting a sunburn on the first day can almost ruin your hike. Grumpy hikers are miserable and unpleasant to be around but you can avoid this with one key item, sunscreen.

4.) Sunglasses: Since we are on the subject of keeping the sun at bay lets talk about sunglasses and the importance. I know quite a few blue eyed people who are especially sensitive to the suns rays but we can all benefit from a great pair of shades.. A nice pair of sunglasses can block the UV rays, and protect your vision. Also, let's be real, sunglasses are cool. Have you ever looked at someone wearing sunglasses and thought "wow their lame". Well, other then the white sunglass guy, but that's a whole other topic.

5.)Hats/Neck Gaiter: These small little items are nice to have and are great for blocking the sun if you need extra protection. Some hats can block the rain, and other elements you might not be expecting. Neck gaiters have gained so much popularity over the last couple years and for good reason. You can wear it in so many different ways. Don't take my word for it jump over to Buffs website and check out the videos. One last thing I can mention about neck gaiters, "OOO WOO" (if anyone has watched Survivor you'll understand).

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